Parent and Child Fostering in East London

Parent and Child Fostering in East London Parent and child fostering is a specialist placement and requires specialist training. The focus is on assessing the person’s ability to care for their baby. The assessment may last up to 12 weeks and it comes in a variety of forms. A pre-birth placement prepares the mother (and/or father) for the baby’s birth. A post-birth placement may involve teaching parenting skills to someone who knows very little about caring for a newborn, or someone who has not succeeded in caring for a toddler simply because they had no background in what they need to do to provide a safe and healthy environment. Welcome Foster Care specialise in parent and child fostering in East London.

A parent and child placement is an alternative to residential care or removing children from their parents. Your job is to support the mother or father while assessing their ability to function as parents in the community, provide advice, and teach them the basics of childcare. The parent must be the child’s key attachment figure.

You are not always working with a teenager or a mother. Sometimes, it is a father and sometimes it is both mother and father who need to be assessed together with the baby. They might be adults, not teenagers.

One of the special requirements is your ability to step back while also being vigilant. Your role is two-fold. You have to protect the baby but you also must train the parents in how to best look after their little one and teach them the practical skills of childcare without doing it all for them.

You need to help and guide them on how to handle parental responsibilities. This special type of fostering gives the young mother or father reassurance and advice in the essential task of parenting while also ensuring that the little one is in a safe, nurturing, and secure environment.

You observe the dynamics between the mother and baby or the father and toddler and assess their ability to continue to look after their little ones on their own. Don’t worry. You are not alone in this awesome job. You are part of a team that includes a social worker, community care representatives, children and family services, and an entire support network. You receive training and support throughout the entire journey.

This can be an emotional task for you because the outcome of the assessment determines whether the parents can handle family life on their own or the situation calls for placement into long term care or adoption.

Guiding a person in learning how to look after their babies and young children goes a very long way toward creating a positive outcome for both. If you want to become part of the process and are interested in a career where you can provide valuable support to a family that is just starting out, please contact us.

Do you have a spare bedroom? That is the first question you need to answer as everyone needs to have the dignity of their own personal space. Ideally, you also have experience in caring for babies and good team working skills.

Welcome Foster Care is an independent fostering agency that works closely with local authorities. We are actively looking for foster carers who willing and able to take on the rewarding job of helping people develop parental abilities.

Contact us today to start your new career in fostering.

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