Mohammed and his wife decided to foster after becoming empty nesters!

Mohammed and his wife have been foster carers for over three years. They currently have placements with two male unaccompanied minors. They became interested in becoming foster carers when they found themselves being backup carers for his daughter, who is also a foster carer.

Mohammed said:

‘We were inspired by this experience and wanted to support other children that were deserving of love and care. Our birth children had grown up and I felt it was important to care for other children in need. We felt that the skills and experience we had gained raising our own children could now be used to help children who had found themselves removed from their own parents.

There are many similarities between looking after our own children and caring for foster children. For instance, looking after and monitoring their well-being; providing an education, clothing, food; listening to their problems; and supporting their needs. And we have never really felt a difference, we try to care for them in the same way we have cared for our own children, we do not treat them differently to other family members and have instilled in them that they are our family members too.’

He went on to finally say:

Welcome Foster Care have provided lots of training, support and advice, they are organised and have good team, and we are thankful for the great job that they do.’

Thank you to Mohammed and his wife for making such a huge difference to young people’s lives everyday. If you feel you could open your heart and home and become a foster carer, get in touch today!




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