Fostering Changes Programme

Karen Alemao (Registered Manager Designate) and I had the fantastic opportunity on behalf of Welcome Foster Care to be a part of the Fostering Changes Facilitators course which was held in Kings Norton, Birmingham from 17th to 21st September 2018.

The Fostering Changes Programme came out of the Conduct Disorder, Adoption and Fostering National and Specialist Team at Maudsley Hospital, South London, and aims to provides practical advice and training for foster carers in order to develop their skills in managing difficult and challenging child behaviour and forming positive relationships with their foster children. It draws substantially on ideas from current parenting training programmes that use a cognitive behavioural approach in order to develop skills.

It was great to meet and train with other staff members from the Capstone Foster Care Group in learning how to deliver this 12 week therapeutic parenting program, as we could share our experiences, ideas and thoughts. We learnt about various techniques, strategies and methods to help support our foster carers in learning practical skills to empower them to better manage their placements, and we had the opportunity to engage in group activities, role plays and discussions and we also delivered mini presentations to the group to enhance our facilitating skills.

The course has revealed significant improvements in carer–child interaction, child emotional problems and specific child problems causing most worry to carers, and it has also shown a beneficial effect on carers’ sense of confidence and self-efficacy.

I believe that this training programme will make an invaluable contribution to the support and retention of foster carers and will enable them to meet children’s needs as well as adapt to changing priorities.

I am very excited to be delivering the Fostering Changes program to our Foster Carers and to be a part of this “shared project” amongst the Capstone Foster Care Group!! 😊

Rebecca Gill

Assistant Team Manager, Welcome Foster Care

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