My name is Celine and I am a single foster carer, and have been fostering for three years with Welcome Foster Care. I wanted to be a foster carer as I have a very good understanding of children’s needs since I am a mother and Celine pic[1]grandmother and I would be able to improve the life chances of a foster child placed in my care.

I love to look after children of all ages, ethnicities, religions and needs, as I feel that fostering is all about sharing my home with a child who needs love, care, guidance and nurturing.

To date I have fostered small babies all the way up to teenagers, and I have had several parent and child placements at my home too.

I have learnt that each and every placement is different and brings with it some challenges but also rewards. I also feel that as professional foster carers we should not judge the foster child by the referral we get on paper, but rather create an opportunity to meet the foster child in person and get to know them better before making a decision about a placement.

With parent and child placements I enjoy giving practical advice to mothers and ensuring that they are always putting their baby’s needs first. I sometimes find that some of the mothers expect the foster carer to do everything for them and their baby and that at first they sometimes even treat the foster placement like a hotel or baby unit. Other mothers also find it hard to ask for help and they find the whole fostering process intrusive. With hard work and dedication I have been able to build a positive relationship with the mother and I have been able to see the positive influence that I have had in their lives and that my advice has been taken on board and put to good use.  I also love babies and enjoy lots of cuddles and seeing them grow!

I would encourage foster carers to develop their skills in Parent and Child placements and to take on placements of this kind.


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The arrival of an unaccompanied minor in October 2015, began one of many new experiences I have encountered since becoming a foster carer three years ago. It has been a different experience compared to fostering British teenagers. Our foster child, a 15-year-old boy, arrived in our home the same day he entered the UK. He recounted his journey into the UK with us. It had taken him one month to enter the UK from leaving his village in boyAfghanistan. When he came to us he could not speak any English, however Abul, my husband, could communicate with him in Urdu. The challenges faced were not monumental but it was difficult to enable him to become familiar with daily activities such as self-care to integrating with us. This was overcome quickly. We were fortunate enough to be able to enrol him in to school within a month where he was able to make friends with boys from his own background, allowing him to feel more confident to attend school. We understood that this was a new experience and being away from home and his family can make him worried, so we have been guiding him to make him feel comfortable and safe. The strategies used with him are the same as any other foster child, where Abul played a key role in guiding him and assisting him in learning new skills. Overall it has been a rewarding experience as we have been able to see how he has adjusted himself to learn English, become familiar with this new environment and make the most of the opportunities that are available.



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Mother & baby placement

My name is Shamim, and I have been an approved foster carer for Welcome Foster Care since September 2014. In this time, I have fostered many different children from a variety of backgrounds and with varying needs. I love to make a difference in children’s lives by becoming a full time foster carer and I have the time and availability to make sure that I listen to children and young people and make them feel part of my family home.

Although I have fostered children of varying ages, I love babies.  When my youngest child was one years of age and I had decided that I was happy and content with four children running around in the house, at the same time it saddened me knowing that I will not be holding my very own little “bundles of joys” anymore….and as we all know, children grow up very quickly. I remember putting my washing up in the garden and seeing my babies little baby grows flying around in the cool air.  I knew in my heart then that this is the last time I will have those baby grows on my washing line.  It made my heart feel so heavy that I wanted to capture that moment forever and take a lot of pictures of my washing line.

After that, the time came when my babies had their own babies and I became a grandmother and I was once again filled with happiness in my heart.  I was holding a little bundle of joy again.  My daughter and her baby son stayed with me for five weeks but once again time flew by and she left to go home and took my grandson back with her to enjoy motherhood, just like I did….Welcome Foster Care

Eventually I had six grandchildren and they are all so lovely and a pleasure to have around at the weekends and on special occasions.  Whenever they come over to visit, my house is full of life but then they go back to their homes with their parents.

A few years ago my husband tragically passed away with cancer and my house was so quiet and lifeless and I felt that I needed a new purpose in life.

One day I saw a stall set up at a shopping centre for “Welcome Foster Care” and I immediately had a desire to have a child in my life again and give her or him a place in my home and a place in my heart. Welcome Foster Care provided me with all the essential training I needed to become a professional foster carer and since I had my first foster child, I have never looked back. I found the purpose of my life again.  My house became full of joy and happiness.  I loved all the foster children I cared for from the bottom of my heart.  My children and grandchildren always welcome foster children in their homes and in their heart.  They could see how fostering has had a positive effect on me and makes me so happy and how in turn I help foster children progress in life.

I had initially thought that fostering is about caring for only young children or teenagers, however in my fostering career to date, I have looked after children and young people from age 0 to 35 years of age as not many people know that you can also have “Parent and Child” placements which I love as yet again I have that opportunity to hold little bundle of joys in my hands again and support a young mother with learning how to care for their baby.  It does mean a lot of hard work, supervision and dedication as I often have to wake up and stay up at nights to feed babies or support a young mother with feeding their baby, but holding that baby makes all my tiredness vanish when that little smile appears on their face while they are dreaming in my arms. I find it very satisfying and rewarding. I also teach the new mothers how to bond and care for their little ones.   I show them how to massage and bath the baby, how to breastfeed the baby, how to change the baby’s nappy and how to stimulate and engage the baby in play. An important part is also that I teach the young mother how to look after themselves during and after pregnancy, as one must not forget that a baby needs a healthy and happy mother.   It is so rewarding to pass on my knowledge of bringing up four children and six grandchildren to young mothers. Now my washing line always has baby grows flying swiftly in the little breeze….


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