Welcome Foster carers

Dear Carersjean

It has been another busy period for us all. We have now held our second successful coffee morning thank you for those of you who have attended so far. Our new web page is proving a success and increasing our enquiries, for those of you who are on facebook please can you take the time to like and share our facebook page.

We are going to start consulting with you all about our fee structure mainly whether we include all the elements of the fee as one lump sum or continue as we are. There will be a slot for this at our next support group where I will be canvassing your opinions so do try and come along. If you are unable to then I would still appreciate your views.

We are continuing to improve our service and support to you and are always pleased to hear your views on ways to improve. We are about to embark on interviews of new social workers and are pleased to have foster carers on our interview panel.

This week we had a panel to confirm who the young people are who will receive an award from your nominations, this is a first for Welcome and we are really looking forward to a special evening with the prize winners.

Thank you for your continued hard work and support of the agency.

Jean Smith

Registered Manager.

Kind regards,

Jean Smith Registered Manager



welcomeWe both came from a big family however we decided two children were perfect for us. We still felt something was missing and we decided instead of having more children, we decided to help the children who needed love, support and care. We had two spare rooms and we deeply wanted to help and this is how we extended our own family.

The thing we most enjoyed about fostering was that we had the family we longed for, we have made a big difference to Soo many lives and when you see the children sleeping comfortably we know we have made a difference. And when your previous foster children come back and see you it feels as if your own children have come back.

Fostering has had a positive impact on our family, our children appreciate what they have and both of our children are so helpful and are keen to help. My ten year old daughter is so happy she has someone to play with and have fun with and she can’t be happier. My 18year son is helpful and teaches the children with work on the computer and even helps with homework.

Without Welcome Foster care our journey would have been impossible, they have been a great help throughout the whole time, they have supported us, advised us, they make sure we get any training we need. We work as a team in fact we feel part of a big family.

We feel that the biggest challenge was to balance our time with the foster children and our own, this was at the beginning however we cannot think of any challenges that we have faced.

We would like to advise anyone who is considering fostering to speak to a member of welcome foster care who will be able to support you and guide you and better still if you want to make a difference to someone’s life and you feel you can put a smile on a child’s face then give it a go. You will soon understand how much of a difference you can make to someone’s life once you start fostering and see how rewarding this is. Finally we have now been foster carers for ten years and have had 23 children and nearly all of them still visit us. We have never looked back and never thought of giving up.

Ruksana and Fayyaz.

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