When it comes to vulnerable children in care, education and their educational achievements seem to be very little discussed and explored – as the stereotypical view is that children in care are not high achievers. Fostering children can and will help them be more successful as you’re giving them a stable platform and a loving environment, making their time spent in the education system more promising.

An article, titled “Foster care ‘boosts vulnerable children’s grades’”, was published on the BBC news website in November 2015 talks about research carried out by Oxford and Bristol university researchers.

From the article, it can be gathered that the purpose of the research was to check if fostering has a positive effect on the educational achievements of children in care.

The research suggests a difference of around at least 6 GCSEs at the age of 16, between children in foster care and children who remain in a troubled environment or in other means of care; with the former group with the better result. However, both groups of children did not achieve as well as those not in care.

Some of the factors to consider include how long the child has been in foster care. The general consensus was that children in foster care have less troubles to worry about than those in other forms of care or still living in a troubled environment.

Children that were interviewed mentioned how “intimidation” “abuse” and “hunger” are factors which could prevent them from successful grades, whilst “gaining encouragement, discipline and the sense of being cared about, made the biggest difference” in achieving the grades they want to.

Another problem faced by children in care is the length of a placement . The shortage of foster carers leads to shorter placements thus the young person being moved often – which then means an entire new home to grow into and get accustom to. Then there’s the family, friends and neighbours of the new foster carers. If that alone is not enough to affect a vulnerable young person’s education, then a change in school might just do the trick!

Fostering isn’t just about looking after a child and keeping them away form harm – it also gives a young person hope for the future and the strength to prosper, emotionally and academically.

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