Can I afford to foster?

There are many misconceptions about fostering – most of which we have mentioned in various blog posts (read more posts here) – but one of the biggest is related to finances.

People tend to ask themselves, can I afford to foster?

Simply put, no. Our Foster Carers, as with those of almost every fostering service, are a healthy mix of people, from different socio-economic backgrounds, as well as different races, nationalities, religions, cultures and so on.

The misconception that fostering is only for those who can afford to look after the children is just that, a misconception. Every fostering service makes some sort of financial remuneration to foster carers to ensure that they can provide for the child and as a reward for their time and effort – preventing people from asking “can I afford to foster?”.

Fostering also doesn’t automatically imply that one must quit working! We have covered this extensively in another blog post (Fostering and Working at the same time? Do-able? Recommended?).

The core elements required to be a good foster carer do not revolve around money or the finances available. The carer must be committed to making a difference to the life of a vulnerable young person, have patience and have the will to help. Welcome Foster Care do provide a financial package to help with the costs of looking after a child in care – you can find out more about the fostering payments by clicking here. You also need to be of good health and have a spare bedroom. You can find out more about the requirements to foster by clicking here.

Piggy Bank in hands of a family.

So if financial reasons put you off from fostering, fear not and ask yourself, “Can I afford to foster?”. The answer is most likely going to be yes, regardless of your income. Some foster carers even give up their jobs and foster care full-time, as a replacement – and still lead a healthy comfortable lifestyle!

If you have any question or concerns, simply get in touch with us by clicking here or browse the website for details as your query may be answered elsewhere. Feel free to also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.