BAAF closure

We are writing this blog post about the saddening news of the BAAF closure – the British Association for Adoption and Fostering. Such sad news in the fostering and adoption sector, and the work carried out the the BAAF is irreplaceable.

According to their website, due to “significant changes and prevailing economic conditions”, it is not possible to “sustain the organisation”.

Thinking back on the great work carried out by the BAAF; the BAAF put in a huge amount of effort in campaigning for children and did a significant amount of work to facilitate the lives of children – for generations to come!

They also provided advice and training as well as publications for carers as well as fostering service providers.

However, since the BAAF closure, the primary functions of the BAAF are being taken over the Coram Group, and CoramBAAF Adoption & Fostering Academy – a new independent entity.

You can find out more about the functions of BAAF and how they are distributed to other bodies and organisations by taking a look at the blog post on BAAF’s website.

From the link above:

CoramBAAF will continue to operate as an independent membership organisation for agencies and individuals in the UK, and the following functions will continue to be provided by CoramBAAF: research, policy and development; membership; professional advice and professional development ; publications; the National Adoption Register for England, the Independent Review Mechanism (England); National Adoption Week, and the Adoption Activity Days.

The Scottish Government has transferred the work of Scotland’s Adoption Register and funded a national adopter information helpline for Scotland to St Andrew’s Children’s Society today. BAAF Northern Ireland and BAAF Wales will continue to trade on a limited basis for a brief period to allow consideration of options to transfer some services and staff to an alternative provider.

As an independent fostering services provider, we would like to thank the BAAF for the great work they have carried out for vulnerable young children and the amount of excellent support provided to fostering services like ourselves and others all over the UK.