New regulations came into force on the 1st of April 2015. These regulations were part of the amendments made to The Care Planning and Fostering Regulations.

As a summary, these amendments facilitate long term fostering, and provide a much better experience for the young person. For a young person in care, the sense of security and being part of the family is always a difficulty. These regulations, which set out and define long term fostering, will help ensure that long term fostering is more consistent and will also ensure that certain criteria or conditions are met.

The guidance document can be found here and the regulations here.

The main points from the guidance are as follows:

Amendments are made to the Children Act 1989 Guidance: Care Planning, Placement and Case Review (Volume 2) in order that

  • foster carers and residential child care workers are appropriately consulted and
    involved in decision making for children;
  • where the plan for permanence is long-term foster care there is an appropriate
    planning process which considers the needs of the child and the capacity of the
    carer to meet these needs;
  • where a long-term foster placement is agreed this is recorded in a child’s
    placement plan; and that appropriate and flexible visiting and case review
    arrangements are made;
  • where a local authority, in consultation with the child and their family, is
    considering ceasing to look after a child, the authority appropriately assesses the
    proposed arrangements for the child and sets out the support that will be provided
    when the child ceases to be looked-after;
  • the authority consults appropriately with the child, their parents and others to
    ensure that the proposed arrangements are in the child’s best interests and will
    safeguard and promote their welfare; and
  • the authority has robust arrangements in place to scrutinise decisions to cease to
    look after a child.

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Before this post, just to clarify – Welcome Foster Care has no affiliations with any of the political parties and this is simply a blog post stating facts. Please do use your privilege to vote, independently, as each and every vote counts.

As the general election is upon us, the parties have their manifestos ready and published for us members of the public to read and decide on which party will receive our vote.

The manifestos are documents which set out policies, aims and pledges of the party, and only two of the parties have mention of fostering in their manifestos, the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats.

The Green Party:

“do more for young people who have no family; a basic first step would be to pay foster carers a salary, costing about £0.9 billion a year.”

The Liberal Democrats:

Tackle delay and instability in foster care, with better support and training for foster carers, including on mental health issues”

It’s much of a step in the right direction, but we still believe there is a lack of public awareness and education on fostering and adoption. There needs to be better recognition for carers, and more needs to be done to protect and help the young people. The Fostering Network have also written their own “manifesto”, titled “Our manifesto for the future of foster care” (click here to read it), for carers, social workers, those who have a passion for helping children and the general public. It is an excellent read and shows what’s important for carers and young people in care.

You can find the full article on The Fostering Network website (source), as well as links to The Fostering Network’s manifesto and those of the political parties.

If you need more information on fostering or would like to know more, please do get in touch with us, by phone or by clicking contact from the menu at the top of this page.