A salary is from employment. We offer a financial reward, which is usually comprehended as a salary, and often compared to a salary.

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you would have most likely read the post about Fostering and Working at the same time, based on a report by the Fostering Network, funded by the Department of Education.

In 2014, The Fostering Network carried out a survey of over 1000 foster carers.

Mentioned on our website, many times, is the fact that not many carers actually get into fostering for the financial reward (or fostering payments), or treat it as a salary. The survey almost shows the exact same point.


From the graph – source, Foster Care Magazine Issue 159, Autumn 2014, by The Fostering Network – it shows that the vast majority of carers did not get into becoming a foster carer for the financial package.

Most of them want to make a difference to the life of a child in care, as well as offering children the opportunity to become part of their family. Only 11%, which is around 1 person in 10, feel that they are doing it as the financial package made it a viable job.

The fact remains that there are loving and caring people out there, who do not become a carer for the fostering payments.

The care and support package, as well as the financial support are not simply as a salary, but are as a recognition for the work and effort that carers put in, in order to help a vulnerable child through what could be the most difficult part of their lives.

Here at Welcome Foster Care, many of our carers do leave employment, out of their own choice, and part of the decision is due to a comprehensive support and financial package.

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