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Bedroom what?! Tax?

The controversial Bedroom Tax may serve a purpose (in the opinion of some), but has come under quite some scrutiny since its introduction back in April 2013.

The Bedroom Tax, in a nutshell, cuts the amount of benefits one can receive if they have a spare bedroom in their home.

Due to foster children not being classed as part of the household (for benefit purposes), they would class a bedroom used by a foster child as “spare”. Thankfully, in March, at the last minute before this tax was implemented, they amended it to allow foster carers to have one extra bedroom, provided that they are registered as a foster carer, or have fostered a child or young person within the last 12 months. This saves around 5,000 of you all, but there are many foster carers who have more than once child or young person.

Unfortunately, those with more than one child will still face Bedroom Tax. Those carers can apply to the discretionary housing fund for support, should they need it. Unfair as it is, thankfully, there is some help out there. For support form the discretionary housing fund, carers will have to reapply every six weeks, regardless of the length of time that the child is to be with the carer.

Again, this Tax is unfair for foster carers, and children – it means that they may be separated from siblings. It will also help increase the shortage of foster carers in the UK, a number that is shrinking regardless.

The above is an excerpt from an article posted on the NFA website.

If you have been affected by the above, please do get in touch, or if you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please do make an enquiry – you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how rewarding it is.

If you want to see how to go about getting started, browse our informative, up-to-date website.

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Take a guess where this weeks roadshow is?

Check out the pictures from the event below, many locals will recognise that it is the Mall in Luton.

We met many members of the public and have had quite some interest in Fostering. Many of the questions were such as whether anybody can foster, and what is needed for fostering? as well as how much money/financial support will I get for fostering a child?

If you are interested in joining the masses who want a fun-filled and rewarding change, and want to take up fostering, give us a shout today!




If you were in The Spindles shopping centre, Oldham on Wednesday (the 22nd of Jan 2014), you may have come across our lovely team from the northern office.


From this stand, we were signing people on to become carers, or to answer any questions they may have about fostering.

If you see the stand anywhere, please feel free to pop by and say hi!

A full list of our locations and movements (for both North and South offices) is available on our events calendar.

See you around!!